Only if you expand the definition of ‘garden’ to encompass a few green thing growing in pots on a large patio, is the above title appropriate.

I have never had, and never will have a green thumb.  Combine that fact of life with the fact that there are hungry, herbivorous creatures living just outside the walls of my house, but not outside the walls of my patio, does not make it promising for me to grow anything.  The Tucson Mountains are very dry, there is no permanent water anywhere on them, we are at an altitude of about 2,800 feet, and that get less rain than the rest of the area makes it a challenge for anyone to grow anything here – except cactus. This little herb garden did not last long.


Enter the term ‘desert landscaping’ and my expanded version of  ‘natural desert landscaping’.  My very good real estate agent, who lives in the center of town and has an absolutely magnificent lawn in her front and back yards, could not understand why I wanted to live ‘so far’ out of town.  One of my requests to her, was that she find me a house with no lawn to water, no trees to take care of, no bushes to prune, nothing along the lines of gardening.  She was somewhat appalled, I think, but that is exactly what I now have, and I am very happy.


This is my pride and joy – a blooming torch catus! I have found out that I can actually, most of the time, not kill cacti.  Why?  I don’t have to remember to water them or do anything to them, and they are extremely grateful when you actually pour some water in their pot.